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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sugar Sickness - Candy Becoming Unfit for Consumption

Very soon the candy and other products containing sugar will be deemed unfit for human consumption by the European Union.

Why? Thanks to the greed of the Monsanto Company - Beet farmers are choosing to plant genetically engineered (GE) sugar beets. Half the sugar used to make food products in the United States comes from sugar beets (the other half comes from cane sugar).

Unfortunately, for US consumers, they will never know if they are eating genetically engineered sugar or not, due to the lack of labeling requirements for genetically engineered food in the United States. (Currently much of the corn and soy planted here is genetically engineered as well.)

Where does Monsanto fit into this. The GE beets are designed to resist the herbicide "RoundUp" made by Monsanto. That means farmers can dump even more of this poison on the beet crops (as well as the corn and soy crops). This means more poisons in our food chain and more poisons in the environment. Isn't that good news, especially if you don't care about people and are very greedy...

The European Union will not purchase genetically engineered food and related food products. They have deemed such food as being unfit for consumption. What do they know and is that why Europeans live longer, healthier lives?

The answer to this problems, of course, is not to buy genetically engineered food. How do you do that? Buy organic food instead, including organic candy. Yes, it is being made. By law organic food cannot be made with GE plants.

The only power we have is with the money we spend - buy organic for your kids, for your parents and for yourself.

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