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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cancer Cells Used To Treat Liver Disease

There is new hope for those people awaiting a liver transplant. A medical device called a ELAD® (Extracorporeal Liver Assist Device) System is undergoing clinical trials in China. Much like a kidney dialysis machine used in treating kidney problems, the ELAD® is an exterior machine that can remove toxins from the blood stream replacing work normally performed by the liver.

The liver is the largest and most metabolically complex organ in the body. Hepatocytes comprise the bulk of the liver, and are responsible for detoxifying the blood as well as making proteins that are essential to life. If the damage to the liver and its Hepatocytes is "mild" the liver can regenerate itself. If a liver is severely damaged, the only long term option is a liver transplant.

The proposed purpose of the ELAD® is for the device to be used by those with liver disease until either the liver regenerates or a transplant operation can be performed.

What is fascinating about this device is that it uses Human Cancer Cells to do the detoxifying of the blood. The cancer cells are held in place within the device so that they cannot enter a patient's body (and cause new problems). Blood from the patient goes through the device and is purified by the cancer cells which "eat" the toxins. The refreshed blood is then returned to the patient.

A San Diego based firm called Vital Therapies is the creator of the ELAD®. It is hoped that the Chinese clinical trials will lead to the use of the device in China where an estimated 2 million people have liver disease. The data gathered from the trail will also be presented to the FDA as part of getting approval for the medical device's use in the United States.

Currently 15,000 American are on the liver transplant list hoping to survive until a liver is available. Hepatitis, cirrhosis and cancer are the main causes of liver disease.

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