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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Your Choice: The Poisoned Apple or The Organic Apple

I want you to do a thought experiment (just imagine it, don't do it in real life).

Imagine taking an apple from the kitchen and spraying it with bug spray.

Now answer this question: Would you give this to your kid to eat?

Of course, not.

Apple Appeal - Organic

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Now imagine washing this sprayed apple. Are you going to give this apple to your child to eat now?

No! You're going to throw it away. It's been sprayed with bug spray...

Guess what? During the growing season, the normal commercial apple tree and its fruit are sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers several times. And that multiple sprayed apple is the one you and your children are eating. Do you think it is well washed when you buy it? Do you think that none of these chemical poisons have not seeped into the fruit to become part of the apple?

Those toxins from the sprays go into your body after you eat the "poisoned" apple.

Organic apples are grown without these toxic chemical being used. So what should you be eating?

For me and my family, we are eating organic apples! It just makes good common health sense.

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