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Friday, February 22, 2008

I Am Emphatic, About the Lymphatic, System!

With all the blood that spurts out in violent television shows, movies and games, it is not surprising that it is often forgotten (or not known at all) that the human body has two circulatory systems: One for blood and the second for clear lymphatic fluids.

The lymphatic system consists of organs (spleen, bone marrow and thymus), ducts, and nodes spread throughout the body. This system transports a watery clear fluid called lymph via its many channels. This lymph (fluid) distributes immune cells and other factors throughout the body. It also interacts with the blood circulatory system to drain fluid from cells and tissues (interstitial fluids) which is returned to the blood system.

The lymphatic system contains immune cells called lymphocytes (T-cells, for example), which protect the body against antigens (viruses, bacteria, etc.) that invade the body. You are probably aware of the swelling of lymph nodes when you have a cold. This is due to enhanced production of specific cells and the division of activated T and B cells.

One interesting aspect of the lymphatic system is that it works through body motion alone - there is no pumping organ similar to the heart. The fluid moves when we move or in response to gravity.

Your good health depends upon a well functioning lymph system. But often its channels become clogged by toxins that we absorb from the air, from water and the food we eat. And if the fluids don't move, our cells don't work as well. The result... we get sick.

Now you know one good reason why everyone harps on exercise! Walking and other physical activities help to keep the fluids in motion.

Urban Rebounder
One excellent way to stimulate the lymphatic system and help unclog channels and remove toxins is to use a rebounder or mini-trampoline. The action of jumping up and down on a rebounder stimulates every cell in the body in a way that is very beneficial to the lymphatic system.

Every child know the value of jumping up and down on a bed! If you are working on improving your health and preventing new diseases in your life, you should consider the use of a rebounder, ten minutes day. The positive effect on the lymphatic system alone can be stunning.

For more on rebounders and their positive effects on your health, visit and read's article: Rebound Away the Pounds.

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