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Friday, July 20, 2007

Red is for Your Heart

If you are concerned about the health of your heart, you have probably become aware of the value of sipping red wine. Studies have shown that moderate red wine drinkers suffer lower rates of heart disease than the average population. But that general statement needs to be clarified.

The preventative value of wine is highest with those people who limit themselves to two or three small glasses (around 125 ml) a day. And who drink their wine with food. To receive these benefits it is also necessary to drink small amounts of wine everyday. Drinking wine just occasionally maybe a nice way to enjoy wine, but it limits the healthier heart values.

Why is there a focus on red wine? It is the highly tannic wines which contain chemicals shown to protect against the danger of heart disease, as well as strokes, diabetes, dementia and possibly some cancers. Basically, red wines are fermented in containers which hold both grape juices and grape skins. In white wines, the grape skins are kept out. These grape skins contain high amounts of tannic acid and other chemicals that remain in the wine after the grape skins are filtered out. You can recognize the tannic flavor in a wine by the way the wine makes your mouth pucker slightly.

So to take advantage of the heart healthy properties of wine, drink red wine in moderation, everyday, while eating food.

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