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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Banking on Cord Blood

A recent study concerning the use of umbilical cord blood and Type 1 diabetes in children offers some help to those children.

According to a news release issued by the University of Florida:

"The work carried out in the University of Florida has led the field in showing that cord blood contains cells which can quieten the immune system attack on the patient's pancreas," McGuckin said. "We know that cord blood contains very specialized cells which are there to stop rejection of the placenta of the child to the mother during pregnancy, and these are likely to be the ones which are useful for treatment in type 1 diabetes. Together with our work, showing that beta cells producing insulin can be formed using cord blood, we are on track to help diabetes patients in the future. The first step, though, has to be quietening the immune system attack, and this is why the work in Gainesville is so important."

Basically, children who were given cord blood stored after their birth showed an improvement in insulin production. Exactly why this improvement occurred is not exactly known. Still the results are encouraging and may lead to improved treatment of Type 1 diabetes in the future.

Such a study does show that cord blood should be stored in a blood bank for every new child born on the planet to help in future health needs of the child. A tall order, no doubt, but something that should be started in trail programs, today. Using the body to heal the body seems common sense to me.

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