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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Wellness Carafe - Style and Healthier Water

There is nothing so basic to being healthy and staying healthy than drinking pure water. And if you want to drink uncontaminated or pure water, than in today's world you have to filter it.

Tap water, as well as the water in our streams, lakes and even underground, is chockful of industrial chemicals, pesticides and even traces of prescription drugs!

So I buy bottled water that has been filtered for my drinking water. But sometimes dealing with bottled water is a hassle, that is one of the reasons why I keep a couple of Wellness Carafes around.

What is a Wellness Carafe? It is an elegantly contained pitcher that is also a water filter system. You pour tap water in the top - gravity forces the water through a highly sophisticated filter and your pour out water that is great tasting and has been enhanced ionicly!

Here is a product description from Amazon: "If you want clean, safe and refreshing water in a pitcher design, then the new Wellness Carafe is ideal for you. The Wellness Carafe uses a multi-stage filter cartridge to purify the water and to remove chlorine and other harmful contaminants from your water. Just pour tap water into the top of the Carafe and gravity will do the rest. In a few minutes, the bottom of the Carafe will be full of natural tasting water.

"If you want ice water you can drop a handful of ice in with the tap water or you can put it in the refrigerator. Like all Wellness Filter products, the Carafe's multi-stage cartridge contains the famous enhancement media for improved hydration, soluble minerals and negative ions. Carafe includes one forty gallon capacity filter."

This is a great filtered water dispenser designed to not only remove all the bad stuff, but also to enhance the value of the drinking water! I love it, but don't just take my word for it. Here is a Amazon review from D. Garcia who gives the water filtering carafe five stars:

"I have disgusting tap water and this carafe helps tremendously, no more funky smells or weird tasting water. Unlike the Brita, this lid is much more secure. The only downside to this is that it does filter slowly, but as long as you fill it after you use it it's really not much of a problem, unless you need copious amounts of water immediately, then you may want to find something that filters faster."

Why does the water run so slowly through this water purifier pitcher? It just takes longer to really filter out the bad stuff - what you don't want going into your body. If the water drains through too quickly, it is not really removing all the unwanted particles and contaminants.

Whether you have health problems, or are healthy at the moment, it is very important to drink the best quality water that you can. A Wellness Carafe is an excellent home water filtration method for getting that quality water. I love my carafes!

For more information visit, Wellness Carafes.

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