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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Radioactive Popeye - Spinach Irradiation.

Popeye is a cartoon character who gets special strength when he eat spinach. But his power might be in jeopardy now. The FDA has approved the irradiation of spinach and lettuce as an alternative to cleaning up bad farm practices...

Instead of dealing with the health problems caused by the disease-ridden factory-farmed food system, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced in mid-September it will allow the irradiation of lettuce and spinach.

Food irradiation is the controversial practice of bombarding food with high levels of x-rays (ionizing radiation) in order to destroy disease causing pathogens. Unfortunately, in the process of irradiation, other hazards arise, like the creation of toxic free radicals, vitamin and nutrient loss, and the formation of cancer causing chemicals.

What does this mean for you? At the grocery store, lettuce and spinach that has been irradiated will be labeled. You will still be able to buy safer lettuce and spinach there. But this labeling is not required at restaurants, schools, hospitals and nursing homes. So to be on the safe side don't eat at restaurants, etc. starting next month.

Note that food irradiation is prohibited on any product labeled as "organic." So if your restaurant uses organic food, it should be okay to eat their salads!

It is not too late to get this ruling overturned, as there is a 30-day commentary period. If you think that farm-factories should clean up their practices and not be allowed to irradiate food, let the FDA know by visiting this link.

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