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Every week, news stories reveal that taking a particular herb, food or supplement can have a positive effect on our health. Many diseases can be reversed, controlled and cured if we change the way we eat or through other natural means.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Live Longer - Make Food Your Friend

In an ongoing look at societies where people are living healthier lives, longer, two elements emerge - attitudes about aging itself and attitudes about food.

Where people live a long time in good health the following belief is prevalent: One does not get "old," rather, one adds years to life. There is no such thing as "old age" rather long life is recognized as a true accomplishment on its own merit - additional years of survival is its own reward.

What belief would you rather carry in your heart... As time goes by you will grow weaker and sicker. Or... As time goes by, you will grow wiser and more efficient.

Those people whose attitude is one of gratitude towards food also live longer, stronger lives. In Western countries we make Food the Enemy and most fight to stay healthy. But those who see food, as a friend that will benefit their bodies, age well.

In societies where healthy longevity is enjoyed, food is eaten in a certain meditative state... A healthy, peaceful attitude at meals is something that turns out to be vital for good health, irregardless of what particular foods are in the diet.

One major source of disease in the United States is our attitude towards life and towards food. Here are two keys to a healthy longevity...

Live the years as a positive challenge that you win each day. And make the meals you take a blessing, not a burden. Give gratitude to the food you eat as you eat it. Take the time to appreciate your food and accept the nourishment it gives.

Love your life and love your food...

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