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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Why Does The Food Industry Hate Our Kids?

Our family stopped drinking milk some time ago. We did this because of the concern over Growth Hormones, anti-biotics and other substances being put into dairy cows and then making their way into the milk we drank.

We switched to organic soy milk for day to day use. The typical half gallon of soy milk we purchase has 100 calories per serving (one cup), 3.5g of fat, 7g sugar, 6g of protein and various vitamins and minerals (especially calcium and Vitamin D). The sugar comes from organic cane sugar and it also contains organic vanilla for flavoring. It is a simple and tasty way to replace your cow milk. Everybody loves it, no problems with balky, finicky kids.

One day by mistake, the cartoon color is about the same, we bought the "kids" version of the product which is "enriched" with extra vitamins - mainly Vitamin C and Vitamin E with a slight increase in the levels of vitamins found in the "regular" soy milk. Guess what else is in the "kids" version - 30 more calories per serving, .5g of fat and 9g of sugar!

Nine grams of additional sugar. This is so typical of "kid" versions of various food products. The promise of the value of extra vitamins coupled with high levels of sugar and extra fat. The food industry wants our kids to be FAT! They must hate our kids and think that parents are stupid.

My kids eat what we eat. This started when they were little. We never tried to trick our kids into eating something by adding sugar and fat to it. We did have a "technique" to getting our kids to eat (when they were little) - to make sure they were hungry enough for an "adult" dinner of meat, salad and vegetables. We made sure they played really hard an hour or so before dinner time with no candy or sugar snacks. Playing made them hungry and their bodies wanted the good food we served.

Don't let the food industry fool you into raising weakened children. Give them some fruits and vegetables for their vitamins and healthy real adult food. Stay way from the "kid" versions designed to make children fat and unhealthy.
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