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Monday, March 29, 2010

What Features Should I Look For in an Electric Juicer?

Oneo f the best way to ensure that the fruits and vegetable you eat contains the highest level of nutritional value is to juice them. But what make a good juicer?

It is a good idea to know what features you are looking for before you run out and purchase a juicer. Even though it may seem like all of the electric juicer product lines are the same, it will largely depend on the brand as to whether or not it will last the test of time. Of course, it is also dependent on the features being
offered by your selected juicer that will determine whether or not you will find it enjoyable!

One of the more reliable companies in the market is Power Juicer. I remember purchasing my first Power Juicer and thinking to myself "how in the world can they afford to offer a lifelong warranty?" It wasn't until I opened the juicer up and started using it that the answer to my question became clear. When the electric juicer completed its cycle only a short time after tossing in a couple of apples, I found the quality of the juice being extracted was top class.

Breville is another juicer brand that I attempted to test out. Well, it was actually a gift for my son, as he was just moving away to college. I wanted to make sure that he would stay healthy, so I purchased a Breville electric juicer! This juicer came highly recommended by a friend, saying that it yielded the same quality as the Power Juicer, just at a lower price.

Features: The first feature you should look for in your electric juicer is, at least, an 800 watt motor. Power Juicer has what is called a High Performance internal motor, which would be just as efficient as an 800 watt model. This allows for a smoother consistency within the final product, and if you desire more or less frothiness in your juice, most models come with a 3 point adjusting setting interface, making it easy to switch from one mode to another with minimal trouble.

The second feature you should pay particularly close attention to is the pulp extraction filter. If it is not a stainless steel Micro Mesh pulp / seed filtration system, then it might just prove to be worthless. Not only will your pulp land
completely in the filter system, it will also become very dry, compared to other models. The last feature you need to pay close attention to is the juice extraction system. Most models now have a stainless steel blade separating the wheat from the chaff, to coin a phrase. This is the kind of extraction system you are going to want to have in your electric juicer, no questions asked!

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