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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fighting the Flu and Flu Prevention

Not catching the flu has become more serious this year than ever. It is never any fun to be sick, but with the swine flu - your life might be in danger - especially if you have other health risks. (Click this link for the latest news about the: Swine Flu.)

What can you do? First make sure you and your family practice good hygiene - this means washing your hands properly and covering your mouth and nose when you cough and sneeze.

Keep your distance, if you can, from others who are sick and stay home if you get sick.

Here are a couple of supplements I recommend you add to your diet, right now, to help boost your immune system. Or if you already have a cold or some type of flu - start taking these as you they should help you recover more quickly and help fight off secondary infections from bacteria.

Organic Oregano Oil. Oregano oil kills viruses, bacteria and even superbugs! It helps with your digestions, and has other health benefits as well. For a good source of organic oregano oil, click here: Organic Oregano Oil.

Colloidal Silver - This is a water infused with silver. And what does silver do? It prevents bacterial infections. Often when one catches a virus like the swine flu - we also come down with secondary infections caused by bacteria. In serious situations, this can lead to pneumonia and death...

Taking silver impregnated water can help you recover from bacterial infections and keep them from being a threat in the first place. For more about the health value of silver infused water, visit Silver Fuzion.

On the medical front, many states and health organizations are stocking up with the general anti-flu medicine known as Tamiflu. This drug works on various flu viruses and appears to be effective against the swine flu. This is a prescription drug so you will need to contact your doctor about it. For more information about this drug, visit Tamiflu News.

If you do get sick, stay home, get plenty of rest, stay away from refined sugars and eat organically if you can. And drink plenty of fluids.

Here is a tip: Remember to sterilize your toothbrush before each use - this will help keep you from reinfecting yourself over and over from germs left on your toothbrush.

And after you have recovered, remember to restock your digestive tract with good bacteria that may have been destroyed by any medications you took. Our body has a relationship with good bacteria and needs them for good health and for a good immune system. To find out more about beneficial bacteria, visit Latero-Flora.

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