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Friday, June 27, 2008

Death By Budget Cuts

If you live in California, be forewarned - there will be fewer nurses and other health care providers around to take care of you, your kids, your parents and your neighbors.

Why? The state of California has cut its Medical budget by 10% - forcing health care agencies to lower salaries paid to nurses, cut out vacation pay and other benefits, and some agencies will just go out of business. There is already a nursing crisis in this state and in the United States as a whole. By a crisis, I mean, there are not enough nurses to take care of everyone who gets sick and needs medical attention. Since we are not paying nurses enough to make a living, this is not a surprise.

If you want more nurses in the health care system, you have to pay them a living wage. Many nurses in the state of California have not had a raise in 4 years! How does that compare with your job. And is that what you really want to have happening?

Nurses are on on the front line of health care, spending more time on average with patients than doctors do. Nurses often pick-up on symptoms that doctors might miss because they are in the room with the patients.

This cut in California's Medical budget comes at a time when there are more people in the state and the population is getting older. Common sense would dictate an increase in the Medical budget. This cut is not only wrong, but it is sick.

Save a life - maybe your own. If you live in California - Talk to you local members of the state legislature and the Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Demand that the 10% cut be restored to the budget and ask them to increase the budget.

If you live outside of California - check on the status of your state's health care budget - you maybe shocked to find that your politicians don't care about you either.

Increase the state sales tax by 1/2 cent, remove all the fraudulent cases from Medical - ask the health agencies, they can tell you about all the cases that should be dropped. Bill Mexico for illegals' health care - there are many ways to pay for this - if the legislature will show some courage.

Don't wait for this health crisis to become your personal tragedy - act today! Let the legislature know that your health is a priority.

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