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Monday, March 17, 2008

Stop Using Bug Sprays and Poisons to Solve Your Pest Problems

One cause for disease in America are the toxins that we are inundated in. Their are poisons in our food, water and air that come from all sorts of sources. One source of these toxins should not be ourselves, we can control what we buy and use.

But what if there are spiders in the house, ants in the kitchen, aphids on the roses and gophers in the garden. There is a tendency to immediately reach for a bug spray or other type of poison to deal with this problem. And guess what you are just poisoning yourself, your children, pets and neighborhood when you make that choice. There are natural alternatives to getting rid of unwanted pest on your property.

  • Do you hate spiders?
  • Has your house been invaded by ants, termites or cockroaches?
  • Is your garden a feeding ground for caterpillars, aphids, mites or grasshoppers?
  • Are you tired of rabbits or deer eating from the vegetable garden you worked so hard to create?
  • Are raccoons after your trash or tearing up your lawn?
  • Is your property infested with mice or moles?
  • Does your neighbor’s dog or cat cause you problems every day?
  • Or would you simply like to enjoy your summer evenings without mosquitoes, flies or yellow jackets?
There is a book which offers powerful, all-natural solutions to these problems and hundreds more. Every bug, pest, and animal related problem you might be faced with is covered in a comprehensive, detailed and creative book.

I recommend you get a copy of Dr. Bader’s 1001 All Natural Secrets to a Pest Free Property It gives you over 1000 amazing all natural pest control solutions. From spiders, flies, cockroaches and mosquitos to mice, rabbits, gophers and even cats, there are hundreds of effective and ALL NATURAL solutions to pest control. You will find solutions for all types of ant problems, guaranteed ways to keep fleas and ticks from your pets, and so much more!

Never use a poison in your house, on your pets or in your garden again. Check out 1001 All Natural Secrets to a Pest Free Property by Dr. Myles H. Bader.

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