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Every week, news stories reveal that taking a particular herb, food or supplement can have a positive effect on our health. Many diseases can be reversed, controlled and cured if we change the way we eat or through other natural means.

Doesn't it make sense to learn how what we eat can help prevent and even cure such diseases. This blog is dedicated to providing such information directly and through valuable links and other resources.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Change Your Diet, Eat Real Foods

This simple message,
Change Your Diet, Eat Real Foods
should be posted over every grocery store in America. Of course, if Americans followed through with this message, most packaged and processed items on the grocery store shelves would disappear. But would that be a bad thing?

I haven't eaten a "chip," potato or otherwise, for 15 years and guess what? Life is still good! There must be 10,000 items in my grocery store I will never put into my mouth. Why? Because I have grown up past having my taste buds rule my choices and only buy food that has real nutritional value. And there is a simple reason for this, I want to live the healthiest life I can.

Note that the American Cancer Institute says about one third of cancer deaths in 2006 were related to improper nutrition, physical inactivity and being overweight -- and could have been prevented. And if you haven't noticed diabetes rates are up and heart attacks are up and America's health care system is not preventing these disease from increasing. Simply put - Americans have stopped eating real foods, they feed junk to their kids and the results are obvious: We are fat and dying from illnesses that are preventable.

If our society is going to change health-wise and work-wise, you and I have to make changes. And saying no to food that is meaningless beyond it's easy and fast is a necessary step in creating an America that leads the world in healthy citizens.

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